3 best way to brand online

1.  Use a branded email signature. Wisestamp for business is my favorite email signature branding tool of choice.  With this tool, you can easily create a customized email signature where you can add some of the following information:

  • Your contact information (Phone, Fax, Email etc.)
  • A professional picture or headshot
  • Links to all of your active Social Media Profiles
  • An RSS feed that features your latest blog post
  • A link to a Freebie or Giveaway

2.  Create a Professional Logo. Your logo is a critical component of “brand identification”.  It’s an image that will be used on all of your marketing collateral and etc., and therefore you should consider investing a little money to get a professional logo created for your business. Pixellogo offers affordable ready made logos that you should check out.

3. Use testimonials to add credibility. Testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing messages and brand boosters that you can have in your arsenal.  If you have received “rock star” testimonials from your customers that you have done business

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